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{I have not been to a Weight Watcher meeting yet this week—I will post on that soon}

Today I want to write about gratitude.

As you might know, I’m literally in the business of giving thanks. I’ve been called the “university hugger” because I have the lucky job of helping to show people the impact of their gift to Grand Valley State University and to make them see how completely grateful we are for their support.

Gratitude is something I do not take lightly. I try to live it every single day in my professional and personal life. It’s not hard…it’s not something we should feel forced to do…it should be a habit. It’s so easy.

Two words: Thank You.

We all like to hear these words. However, I don’t think we get to hear them enough. We’re all busy. We’re all cramming so much into our days and nights that we probably miss a lot of little things that happen and we should be thankful for. I heard someone say that it is not necessary to say thank you for something that is expected, such as completing a project at work. I disagree. If you see someone has put forth great effort to get the project done on time and exceeding expectations…what’s the harm in saying thank you? Just remember that while it should be sincere, gratitude doesn’t have to be a grand gesture.

Yesterday I had a particularly frustrating morning dealing with car issues. I pretty much let it get the best of me and as I was sitting in the mall food court sulking and having a true “woe is me” moment, I pulled out my reading material I had put in my purse in anticipation of some waiting for my car to be fixed. One thing I had brought along was my Jesus Calling devotional (which is amazing, by the way). I read the devotional for yesterday and decided to peek ahead. This was in the reading for today, April 29:

Let Me teach you thankfulness. Begin by acknowledging that everything—all your possessions and all that you are—belongs to Me. The dawning of each new day is a gift from Me, not to be taken for granted. The earth is vibrantly alive with My blessings, giving vivid testimony to My Presence.

Hmm. Well played, God.


Jesus Calling by Sarah Young.

Needless to say I took that as a sign and found a few things I could be thankful for. My health. A roof over my head. Food on the table. Thankful that I have a car in the first place. Thankful for my job that allows me to have such things. Thankful for my education that helped me acquire the skills needed to do my job.

Most of all, thankful for friends and family who support me 110 percent.

No. Matter. What.

What are you most thankful for today?

Make it a great week, friends.


Danielle Josephine